Brief stops

We usually see and imagine a city as a busy place full of various motions and elements.
This is generally the case when it comes to an ordinary city. And the same could be said about Vilnius.
The capital of Lithuania has many symbols as well as easy to recognise places and events that are deeply embedded in the minds of all residents and visitors to the city.
But for us the meaning of Vilnius lies not only in Gediminas Castle Tower, the greatness of the Cathedral, Kaziukas Fair or the Iron Wolf legend.
We often rush down the city streets without noticing our own shadow wobbling on the pavement, graphic drawing on old and new walls, a sculpture of the saint waving to the clouds that are passing by, the play of sunray or other small everyday things and occurrences that paint the face of our city.
The members of the Photography Enthusiasts Club Fotokablys decided to look at the capital of Lithuania with minimalist glances. And turned those glances into photographic images.
The photos highlight one or several elements or moments of the city and its life, they become key elements which suggest that the city captured in the photo is Vilnius.
This year, we exhibit 19 works by 15 authors on the embankment of the river Vilnia. A minimal element discovered in a long-known beloved city, a paused moment, a short pause in the bustle of city life.